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Elevate your candles with personalized, eye-catching custom labels. Set
your brand aglow with unique designs and essential information.

Product Features

  • Colorful Design: Candle labels printed in vivid and full-color printing.
  • Various Materials: choose from paper, vinyl, plastic, clear film, metallic, and more.
  • Customization: Various sizes and shapes to fit your specific product packaging. Shapes include rectangular, square, oval, round, or custom die-cut shapes.
  • Finish Options: Include gloss and matte.
  • Low MOQ: Our custom made candle labels start from 100 rolls.

Custom Candle Label Benefits

  • Branding and Recognition: Custom candle labels allow businesses to incorporate their logos, colors, and unique designs, helping create a strong and recognizable brand identity. This can increase brand loyalty and make your candles stand out on the market.

  • Information and Compliance: Candle labels provide essential information, including safety warnings, burning instructions, and ingredients. Custom labels ensure that your candles comply with regulatory requirements and provide necessary details to consumers.

  • Personalization: Custom labels allow for personalization, making it easy to create candles for special occasions, holidays, or custom orders. This personal touch can enhance customer relationships and attract a niche market.

  • Marketing and Promotion: Well-designed labels can serve as effective marketing tools. They can feature eye-catching graphics, taglines, and other promotional content, making your candles more appealing to potential buyers.

  • Differentiation: In a crowded market, custom candle labels set your products apart from the competition. Unique labels can help consumers remember your brand and choose your candles over others.

More About Custom Bottle Labels

Custom candle labels offer a distinct and visually compelling way to elevate your candle products and brand. These personalized labels are designed to adorn your candles with unique graphics, information, and style, creating an immediate and lasting impression on customers.

Whether you’re a small artisanal candle maker or a larger manufacturer, custom candle labels enable you to establish a distinct identity for your brand and products. They come in a variety of materials, sizes, and designs, allowing you to tailor every detail to match your candle’s essence and your brand’s personality.

Beyond aesthetics, custom candle labels serve multiple essential functions. They include vital safety and usage instructions, ingredient details, and any required regulatory information, ensuring that your candles meet industry standards and provide the necessary transparency for consumers.

Custom candle labels also play a pivotal role in marketing, enabling you to showcase your brand logo, taglines, and visually engaging elements that resonate with your target audience. Whether you’re aiming to create a tranquil atmosphere, celebrate special occasions, or convey a particular message, these labels help you craft a unique and memorable product.

In an increasingly competitive candle market, custom candle labels not only distinguish your products but also build brand recognition and enhance consumer trust. They encapsulate the essence of your candles, making them more than just products – they become a piece of your brand’s story.



Q1: Can you help with the design of the custom candle labels?

A: Absolutely! We have a team of experienced graphic designers who are skilled at creating captivating and professional label designs.You can see more details here.

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