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In our last article, we showed you the basic steps of launching a temporary tattoo business online and the methods for achieving success. In today’s blog, our experts are sharing great tips on how to find a qualified temporary tattoo supplier.

Now, you may figure, what’s the big deal, right? You simply set up a website, get an ad campaign going, pick up orders and then, ship them out.

Not so fast because there’s more to think about. For instance, what if orders become delayed, or the product lacks appeal, and customer complaints are coming in fast and furious?

That could indicate that you’ve hooked up with a bad temporary tattoo manufacturer to do business with. In other words, a good supplier is as valuable as your loyal and happy customers. You need to choose your temporary tattoo manufacturer carefully, and here are professional considerations that can help you:

In our last article, we showed you the basic steps of launching a temporary tattoo business online and the methods for achieving success.



Understand What You Need

Organization is key for any business you want to introduce to potential customers worldwide. Having a blueprint for your temporary tattoo company will serve you well in the long run. For example, being in the temporary tattoo industry is exciting because it’s growing into a huge market. To take advantage of this, you’d need to determine the temporary tattoo quantity, tattoo style, lead time and quality standards.

Let’s look at the benefits of choosing a small custom quantity order matched with a small-sized company. You’d be getting a good price with a short turnaround time and a decent quality product.

If you, instead, decide to go with bulk custom orders, it’s best to match with a medium-sized or big factory to print your tattoo products. Generally, this larger type of temporary tattoo sticker supplier is professional and can offer a better service level and great product quality. However, this can also mean that there’s a longer turnaround time involved with a higher price and order quantity.

Here’s another scenario. If you opt for bulk/wholesale tattoos, you’re not locked into ordering a minimum number of products from different suppliers. All you have to do is choose the tattoos you need for your temporary tattoo company and then resell them online. You’d be able to freely choose from amazing styles such as full-color tattoos, metallic tattoos, glitter tattoos, glow-in-the-dark tattoos and semi-permanent tattoos.

There are challenges you may run into from temporary tattoo wholesale suppliers. Here are a couple of them:
1. The designs are outdated.
2. Those designs are sold by other competitors too, and now, you cannot get a higher sale price.

It’s essential that you understand the needs of your business before making the leap.



What Is a Quality Temporary Tattoo Supplier?

A good supplier means that these pros can perform a superb job with excellent quality and quantity, and then, ship it out on time! Most importantly, an exceptional temporary tattoo manufacturer doesn’t mind if your order is small or large as they can get the job done.

On the other hand, average tattoo suppliers might not accept small orders. Or they may charge you a higher price, etc.

To determine if your temporary tattoo sticker supplier is a quality manufacturer, consider the following six factors:

  • Materials
  • Samples
  • Packaging
  • Price
  • Lead time
  • Quality and service



Today, more than ever, people are concerned about products applied to the skin of children, teens and adults. Temporary tattoos that are skin-friendly and made from non-toxic materials with cosmetic-grade colorants are the best type available. These materials have all passed the proper certifications for use.



When you can test the samples of the temporary tattoos you are purchasing, you can learn all you need to know. Observe the printing quality and the true colors displayed, how easily it is applied as well as the removal and durability of the tattoo. A quality product will show as vibrant with realistic results. It will also be easy to transfer to the skin in seconds and be removed without an issue. The best temporary tattoo wholesale suppliers will offer tattoos that can last for three to five days.



The packaging you choose from your tattoo supplier can be an incredible marketing or branding asset. If you order custom full-color tattoos, for example, you can design a package or a colorful printed card of your preference. Your supplier can provide a free quote and any assistance you need.



The price you pay for your temporary tattoos will depend on the product’s quality or its status and value. A good supplier works hard to strike a balance of affordability and quality.


Lead Time

Lead time can be defined as the amount of time it takes to manufacture a product, process an order and deliver the product, or it can be a combination of these processes. Timing matters to the buyer, and they expect that the orders they place will be fulfilled at the proper time.


Quality and Service

Not only does the customer expect an excellent product, but they also expect excellent customer service. The finest temporary tattoo manufacturer is proud of its artistic skill and the way its products are made. Also important are the standards it follows such as maintaining the tattoo certifications required.


Where to Find a Temporary Tattoo Supplier

You can easily find the best temporary tattoo supplier or temporary tattoo wholesale suppliers right at your fingertips online.


Search Engines

The most popular search engines at the moment include:


B2B Marketplaces

These are some of the favorite B2B sources people visit:

You can also look online under Beauty Trade Shows and Expos and Directories of Promotional Product Suppliers.

Another way is to visit Custom Tattoo Print Websites,such as temporarytattoo.com.



Evaluate Product Samples, Compare Prices, and Negotiation

Once you’ve gathered samples from at least three temporary tattoo manufacturer types, it’s time to evaluate their products.

You can use these five components to help you:


Material Quality

Does the image attract your eye? Does it look authentic? Is the artwork unique, favorable and superb? The design and shape and size of your tattoo can help you make this determination.


Printing Quality

If it’s professionally done by a reputable temporary tattoo sticker supplier, the colors will pop off the skin. In other words, the images will be vibrant, expressive and rich-looking. A highly skilled factory team can ensure both material and printing quality.


Tattoo Adhesion and Durability

A great, custom temporary tattoo will adhere nicely and last for three to five days. It will remain looking smooth, and the fresh image will be maintained. Nothing will scratch off.


Skin Safe and Non-Toxic

This is another important component. You want a tattoo from the temporary tattoo wholesale suppliers you choose to be made from non-toxic ingredients. A safe tattoo will never hurt to wear and not harm your skin. These suppliers follow strict guidelines and undergo certification to manufacture their products for sale to the global public.


Apply and Remove Processing

You’ll apply your tattoo to dry, clean skin, and press the tattoo firmly on with the tattoo design face-down. Use a wet cloth to press the paper thoroughly, and wait 20-30 seconds. Peel off the paper slowly, and be prepared to be wowed!

To remove your custom temporary tattoo, the experts recommend applying rubbing alcohol, baby oil or makeup remover. It should be that simple.


Compare Prices and Negotiation

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when choosing the perfect temporary tattoo company for your supplies:

  1. The price, quality, service and turnaround time should all be taken into consideration. Are you happy with the terms you’ve been offered?
  2. If you needed rush-hour service, would your supplier accommodate you?
  3. Would the supplier be willing to negotiate and deliver on preferential terms? In other words, could you get a discount?
  4. Are the customer options being proposed to you as flexible? Is the manufacturer open to expanding quantity limits, custom packaging, packing and products for shipping?



Establishing Relationships and Management

Seasoned business people all agree that good communication between buyer and seller is extremely important. Not only are you placing orders, but you’re establishing a relationship with the temporary tattoo supplier. Great customer service can go a long way, and good suppliers are there when issues arise, strive hard for satisfaction and respect your feedback.




Choosing the right kind of temporary tattoo wholesale suppliers is crucial to the success of your business and/or brand. Follow the guidelines listed above, and good luck!



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