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Want to show your self-expression? Or need something unique in business promotion and DIY projects? Our custom full-color temporary tattoos are the perfect choice.

Product Features

  • Colorful Design: Tattoo printed in vibrant, diverse colors and realistic effects.
  • Easy to Apply and Remove: You can transfer a tattoo onto the skin in 15~20 seconds with a wet towel. Remove with baby oil or alcohol easily.
  • Temporary Nature: Custom tattoos are designed to last for 3~5days.
  • Customization: Any shape, size, and design.
  • Skin Safe: Tattoo made from non-toxic materials and cosmetic-grade colorants, great for kids’ and adults use.

Custom Full Color Tattoos Benefits

  • No Commitment: Unlike permanent tattoos, custom full-color tattoos are pain-free and only last 3~5 days, you can easily remove them.
  • Personality Expression: Colored temporary tattoos allow people to express their personality, interests, and values uniquely and at any time.
  • Ideal for Brand Promotion: High-quality custom full-color tattoos are an effective way to increase brand awareness, recognition, and affordable cost.
  • Team Spirit : Teams, schools, clubs, or companies can customize tattoos to display shared values and missions and promote unity among members.
  • Versatile Use: Custom color temporary tattoos are perfect for product promotions, events, parties, football games, exhibitions, concerts, trade shows, holiday celebrations, and more.

Customizable Options

* Multiple colors design (CMYK ): Create your design from various colors. If you want other styles of tattoos, click here.
* Any design, shape, and size: Choose any design shape and size to fit your style from 100pcs/design.
* Imprint back instruction: You can print the tattoo application, and removal instructions, with your brand and social media icons for marketing on the tattoo back.
* Custom tattoo package: Design a custom package or a colorful printed card for your well-designed tattoos, making it look more exquisite. Request a free quote here.
* White ink option: White ink printing offers your tattoos a more vibrant and delicate look. Learn more details here.

More About Custom Full Color Tattoos

Full-color temporary tattoos made from vegetable ink and printing techniques are skin safe for all ages and can last for several days, depending on the application places. Unlike other tattoo styles, full-color tattoos allow you to choose from any image (300dpi) photo or color scheme you want.

Full-color printed tattoo provides a fun and temporary way to experiment with body art. Any design, shape, and size can be printed with vibrant colors and realistic detailing.

Custom Full-color tattoo stickers are the most classic way to make tattoo stickers, which are often used for company events, brand promotion, soccer games, clubs, concerts, birthday parties, school events, etc.

Also, one of the most remarkable things about full-color tattoo stickers is that they are available in white ink printing options. The tattoo stickers printed this way have more vibrant colors that attract people’s eyes. There are three ways of white ink printing, 1. no white ink; 2. spot white ink, white ink only printed in the position you spot; 3. flood white, that is, your entire tattoo design is printed with white ink. Please mark it when ordering.

Lastly, full-color tattoos are the most ordered and produced type of tattoo. We offer bulk discounts for large quantity orders, making your custom full-color temporary tattoos at a competitive price, contact us today.


Q: How long do full color temporary tattoos last?

A: Normally 3~5days.


Q: Are tattoos more expensive if they printed in full color?

A: When you make custom temporary tattoos, full-color printing temporary tattoos are the most economical than other type tattoos.


Q: Do full color tattoos hurt?

A: No! All full-color printed temporary tattoos are skin safe, made of non-toxic ingredients, our products have passed SGS, CPC, EN71, ICTI, MSDS and other certifications.   


Q: What is the printing specification for each tattoo sheet?

A: Please leave an approximately 1/4 inch bleed around the tattoo.

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