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Want to make your temporary tattoo last longer? You can extend their life by taking a few simple steps to make them look beautiful for days or even weeks. Learn how to prepare your skin, apply tattoos correctly, and then care for them to make full use of your temporary body art.


Start By Cleaning The Skin.

Before applying a temporary tattoo, make sure the skin is clean and free of grease or lotion. This will help the adhesive adhere better and ensure that dirt and other particles are not trapped under the design.

1.Thoroughly clean the area where you plan to stick a tattoo. Lotion, cosmetics, and natural oils may form barriers between ink and skin to prevent tattoos from adhering correctly. In addition, the oil can decompose the ink used for temporary tattoos, which will shorten the life of tattoos unless removed with baby oil.

To ensure the best adhesion to the temporary tattoo, please ensure that the skin is completely dry before application.


2.Exfoliate to obtain smoother and live skin. You can use loofah or pumice to exfoliate, but avoid using oily methods such as salt and sugar friction. This will give you better results and ensure that the temporary tattoo lasts as long as possible.


3.When selecting the spot of the temporary tattoo, select the area where the skin does not move or bend frequently and will not contact oil or other substances. The hands and feet are usually unbalanced because they move and stretch constantly, which may cause the design to crack or fade. In addition, these areas are exposed to many different things through daily activities, such as eating greasy food, using art supplies, and washing hands.

However, for henna tattoos, these areas work best because the skin layer is thicker and more ink stains are allowed.When wearing socks and shoes, also avoid placing temporary tattoos on naturally sweating or oily temples and feet.


4.Shave off the area where the design is to be applied to obtain better adhesion. Because the hair may interfere with the ink, be sure to shave off the excess hair.

If you often shave the part where you plan to tattoo, such as your leg or neck, you must do so before applying, because it can help your tattoo last longer.In addition, use a sharp new razor to prevent the tattoo from peeling off.


Follow The Application Instructions.

Proper use of temporary tattoos is the best way to ensure their durability. Make sure to carefully read and follow any instructions on the package. You may need to cut out the desired pattern or image before you can use it. Once you are ready, make sure your skin is completely dry, and then wet the back of the tattoo with a wet towel. Use as little water as possible to avoid diluting or weakening the adhesive. Apply slight pressure evenly over the entire area and hold for at least 30 seconds, then peel off carefully.


Give It Time To Set.

In order to make the tattoo stick to your skin, you need to give it some time to fix it. For best results, please ensure that the tattoo has not been exposed or exposed to water or any other liquid for at least 30 minutes. If possible, try to leave it alone overnight, as this will help ensure that the adhesive has time to properly adhere to the skin.


Tips For Prolonging The Life of Temporary Tattoo Stickers

1.When applying a temporary tattoo sticker, it is important to clean only the skin area around the tattoo, not the tattoo itself. Even if the temporary tattoo is waterproof, do not add soap or any other detergent to the skin of the tattoo area. It is also important to avoid putting too much pressure on the tattoo when scrubbing the skin, because it may tear the tattoo content.

It is generally acceptable to use waterproof temporary tattoos when swimming or showering, just make sure that they are not soaked in the bathtub or exposed to soap, bath gel, or oil.


2.To protect the ink, let your temporary tattoo last longer, apply vaseline or transparent nail polish to it. This will act as a sealant, lock in moisture, and allow you to enjoy a temporary tattoo for a longer time.

Although transparent nail polish may not be so messy, it should be noted that it may peel off with temporary tattoos.


3.Use an absorbent powder such as baby powder, corn starch or talcum powder. Carefully sprinkle the powder on the skin area of your tattoo, it will absorb any natural oil, otherwise, it will decompose the ink in the tattoo. Be careful when inhaling these powders, as they will harm your health.


4.To make your temporary tattoo more durable, you can use permanent marks with the same color as the tattoo. Just mark your design and fill it with ink. Although it won’t last so long.




Make temporary tattoos last longer with special tips. Designed specifically to improve the longevity of any type of temporary tattoo, these simple guides and instructions give you an easy way to maximize the amount of time you enjoy with your incredible artwork or design.


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