From Concept to Skin: The Process of Temporary Tattoo Manufacturing

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Tattoos have been an integral part of human culture for centuries, and the art of tattooing has evolved significantly over time. Modern temporary tattoo manufacturing involves a meticulous and sophisticated process that ensures the quality, safety, and durability of the final product. In this article, we will explore the step-by-step temporary tattoo production process, which includes CTP (Computer-to-Plate) printing, color printing, adhesive application, drying, lamination, cutting, and packaging.



Step 1.Temporary Tattoo Manufacturing – CTP Printing

The tattoo production process begins with CTP printing. CTP technology involves transferring digital temporary tattoo designs onto printing plates directly, eliminating the need for film. Tattoo artists and designers create intricate and unique designs using specialized software. These digital designs are then transferred onto printing plates with precision and accuracy. CTP printing ensures that every detail of the tattoo design is faithfully reproduced.

Temporary Tattoo Quality Check



Step 2.Temporary Tattoo Color Printing

Once the tattoo designs are transferred onto printing plates, the color printing stage begins. High-quality, skin-safe ink is used to print the tattoo designs onto a special temporary tattoo transfer paper. This water decal paper acts as a temporary carrier for the tattoo, allowing for easy application to the skin by water. The color printing process ensures vibrant and true-to-design tattoos.There are other machines involved in this production phase, such as screen printing machines(mainly for glitters application), and hot stamping machines(metallic foil application after tattoo color printing).

Temporary Tattoo Under Production



Step 3.Adhesive Application

After the tattoo designs are printed on transfer paper, a layer of skin-safe adhesive is applied to the back of the paper. This adhesive layer is what allows the tattoo to adhere to the skin when applied. The adhesive is carefully applied to ensure a secure and long-lasting bond without causing any skin irritations.

Temporary Tattoo Adhesive Applied by Screen Printing Machine



Step 4.Temporary Tattoo Drying

To ensure the durability and longevity of the tattoo stickers, they need to be dried. This step helps the glue to cure quickly so that the tattoo sticker can be kept for a long time without being affected by water, sweat and other external factors. Drying also helps in providing a smooth surface that enhances the appearance of the tattoo.

Temporary Tattoo Auto Dry Oven



Step 5.Temporary Tattoo Manufacturing – Lamination

To enhance the durability and longevity of the tattoo during transportation and storage, a thin, protective layer of lamination is added. This lamination layer serves as a barrier against water, sweat, and other external factors that can affect the tattoo’s quality. It also provides helps prevent fading and smudging, extending the lifespan of the temporary tattoo. It ensures the design remains vibrant and clear for an extended period.

Temporary Tattoo Protective Film Lamination



Step 6.Temporary Tattoo Manufacturing – Cutting

Once the tattoo designs have been printed, adhesive applied, and lamination added, they are ready for cutting. Precision cutting machines are used to trim the tattoos to their final size and shape. This ensures that the tattoos are uniform and easy to apply.

Temporary Tattoo Cutting



Step 7.Temporary Tattoo Packaging

The final step in the tattoo production process is packaging. Each tattoo is carefully inspected for quality and consistency before being packaged. They are typically grouped in bulk, sets or individual units, depending on the client order requirement. Packaging may include labeling with instructions for application and removal, as well as any necessary safety information.There several packages are used commonly, such as Opp bags, Opp header bags ,Opp card bags, paper pouches, envelopes and other custom tattoo package options.

Temporary Tattoo Under Wrapping




The temporary tattoo manufacturing process involves several intricate and precise steps, from CTP printing to packaging. Each stage is essential to create high-quality, safe, and durable tattoos that can be enjoyed by individuals around the world. Tattoo enthusiasts can confidently wear these temporary tattoos, knowing that they have been manufactured with the utmost care and attention to detail.



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Q: What kind of printing machines involved for various types of temporary tattoos production?


Full color tattoos – CMYK 4-color press

Glitter tattoos – CMYK 4-color press + Screen printing machine

Metallic tattoos – CMYK 4-color press + Hot stampling machine

Glow in the dark tattoos – CMYK 4-color press + Screen printing machine

Semi permanent tattoos – Screen printing machine


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