Black Flower Temporary Tattoo

Whether you want to create something beautiful for a special occasion or just spice up your look for a night out, black flower temporary tattoos are sure to turn heads.


  • Long lasting from 1 week to 2 weeks use
  • Versatile placement use
  • Easy to apply, fading away slowly
  • Dark blue/black ink color
  • Skin safe plant base tattoo ink

Semi Permanent Black Flower Temporary Tattoo

This black floral temporary tattoo is beautiful and elegant design is made with high quality plant ink, meaning skin safe and more fun! Featuring an intricate black flower pattern, it looks great on any part of the body and will last up to 2-3 weeks.

Flower temporary tattoos are a great way to express yourself and add some bright, beautiful colour to your look! They’re also incredibly versatile, with designs ranging from simple, small wrist tattoos to vibrant back pieces. They’re easy and fun to apply, and once you get bored of a design you can simply remove it without any lasting effects. The best part? They come in a range of styles and sizes so you have lots of creative options when designing your own unique tattoo!

With our easy-to-apply tattoos, you can have your very own one-of-a-kind design that only lasts as long as you like. Our custom tattoo is a perfect way to stand out in any situation! Get yours now and be unforgettable!


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