Butterfly Temporary Tattoo

A semi-permanent temporary tattoo is a great way to make a fashion statement without a long-term commitment. Most can last anywhere from 1 day up to 2 weeks, depending on placement and care.


  • Lasts up to two weeks
  • Plant based and eco friendly
  • Variety of designs
  • Safe and non toxic way to flaunt your creativity
  • Fun and unique way to express yourself


Semi-Permanent Butterfly Temporary Tattoo

Semi-permanent temporary tattoos are a great way to express yourself without getting a real tattoo. These tattoos usually last 2-3 weeks and look just like a real tattoo until they fade away. They are easy to apply, can be customized with different colors and designs, and allow you to change the look whenever you want!

Regular temporary tattoos are made with ink and usually last a week. Semi-permanent tattoos, on the other hand, have stronger pigmentation and can last for a longer time, depending on various factors such as exposure to moisture or rubbing against fabric. Most semi-permanent temporary tattoos also require more maintenance than regular temporary tattoos to keep the color vibrant and long-lasting.

Create and experiment your own style with different designs, colors, and placement to find a look you like. Share your experience with your friends and family and encourage them to try it too! Start exploring the world of semi-permanent temporary tattoos and unleash your creativity with a pain-free and safe option.

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