Large Temporary Neck Tattoo

Thinking about getting a large temporary tattoo on your neck? If you’re not ready for a permanent commitment, then why not try out a temporary Tattoo first!


  • Lasting in 3-5 days use
  • Versatile placement use
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Vivid color printing
  • Skin safe tattoo ink

Large Temporary Neck Tattoo For Men Women

Tattoos are a good way of expression of youself. And the neck is a popular place to display your tattoo design. But not everyone is ready for a permanent tattoos.

Temporary neck tattoo is one of good way to experience the feeling of permanent tattoo on the neck without long-term commitment. They are also suitable for special events or occasions, such as weddings. You want to show something unique and special.

Temporary neck tattoos have many different designs, from simple patterns to complex designs with size of small or large. You also can customize your temporary neck tattoo to get your personal style or interests.

Applying a temporary neck tattoo is very simple. You only need a wet cloth and a few minutes. Tattoos usually last from a few days to a week, depending on the quality of the tattoo and temporary tattoo caring.

In short, temporary neck tattoo is a good way to try different tattoo designs and express yourself, it’s ease,skin safe but no pain. They are very suitable for special occasions, or just used to decorate a dress. So why not try which style is best for you?


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