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Custom semi permanent temporary Tattoos have a surprisingly long-lasting effect, lasting much longer than many expect them to,up to several days or weeks.

Product Features

  • Vibrant and fade-resistant temporary inks
  • Long lasting wear – up to two weeks
  • Rich pigments for vibrant color
  • Waterproof, sweatproof and smudge
  • Simple application and removal process

Custom Semi Permanent Tattoo Benefits

  • Add a unique and memorable touch to your event or party
  • Perfect for adults alike
  • Easy to apply, so you can switch up your look as often as you like
  • Safe and non-toxic, so you can enjoy your tattoos worry-free
  • Customizable designs allow you to promote your brand or showcase your personality

Customizable Options

  • Any design shape and size: Choose any design shape and size to fit your personal style from 100pcs/design.
  • Imprint back instruction: Print tattoo application and removal instructions, and with your brand and social media icons for marketing.
  • Custom package: You can even create a custom package, insert card to make your temporary tattoos a unique gift or party favor

Custom Semi Permanent Tattoo Description

Custom semi Permanent tattoos are a fun and fashionable alternative to permanent tattoos, offering the same look without any of the commitment. They are made with plant ink that adheres to your skin, lasting from some days up to several weeks before slowly fading away.

These temporary tattoos use a safe and non-toxic ink that is easy to apply, and can be washed away with soap and water after it has faded away. Semi-Permanent tattoos are perfect for special occasions, or just to test out what a design would look like before committing. They’re inexpensive,
temporary, and offer a unique way to let your personality shine!

We offer bulk discounts for large orders, making your custom semi permanent temporary tattoos ideal for parties, events, or promotional campaigns.


Q: How long do semi permanent temporary tattoos last?

A: 1~2 weeks.


Q: What is the difference between semi permanent and temporary tattoos?

A:  Semi-permanent tattoos can lasts up to 2 weeks or more,it will develop over 24-48 hours after you apply. And gradually fades as the skin regenerates itself naturally.

Classic temporary tattoos can last 3-5 days(on average),it will appear instantly after applying.You can remove any time with ease.Also, it’s full color available for printing.


Q: Are semi permanent tattoos are safe to use?

A: Yes they are.Our semi-permanent ink is 100% organic, Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

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